Welcome to KatThree.com

If you would like to talk to one of the team you can email us at: info@katthree.com or call us on: +31 (0)20 2101 330.

About Us

Founded in 2019, KatThree is an independent management consultancy organisation, exclusively focused on workforce management and dedicated to reducing labour market inefficiencies.

Our company is wholly owned by three equal partners (that’s us in the photos), with an extended network of subject matter experts that we call upon as required. Each partner has spent over 15 years specialising in this space, as have the network we leverage.

We help clients improve their strategies for workforce acquisition, management and operations, with a focus on extended workforces (those workers not on a company’s payroll).

We advise clients on their approach to worker engagement – be those permanent, temporary, contract, as part of a services purchase. We even advise on the integration of robots.

Our Vision

Today the market for finding workers and contracting with them is complex and inefficient.

We envisage a future where companies find it easy to select the best labour option for each task, so that they get work done faster and to a better standard.

For the worker, we aim to create an environment where best opportunity beats first opportunity.

Our Mission

  • Reduce market inefficiency
  • Enable best opportunity over first opportunity
  • Remove friction in the demand and supply of work
  • Do good, this is not a bolt on for us – it is core to giving us purpose

Who We Help

Our clients range from B2B to B2C, in-house solutions to fully outsourced, first generation to fourth generation, single country to truly global, purely white-collar highly skilled to blue-collar semi-skilled.
Our solutions are geared to always make a positive impact for all parties. We deliver savings for clients, better quality tenders for supplier partners and faster speed to placements for agencies and workers.
We focus on ensuring all parties benefit from our work.
We are fortunate enough to count some of the largest brands in the world as part of our client portfolio.
If you want to know more about the work we do and who we do it for, let us know. We’ll be happy to share details.

How We Help

We base our work on three key foundations:

  • Data – we always look at what the data are telling us. It reveals blind-spots and points in the direction we need to travel. It helps us bring a scalpel and not a sledgehammer
  • Best practice – we continuously speak to the best in this space and we strive to learn from everyone we speak to. We are always clear that we don’t have all of the answers but we know how to get them
  • Practical experience – we do more than strategize, we work hand in hand with clients and their selected partner suppliers to take the strategy all the way to the end of hyper care and beyond.

Talk to us if you want a blend of creativity, practicality and provability.